4 Ways Solo Travel Makes You A Better Entrepreneur

4 ways solo travel makes you a better entrepreneur

 As an entrepreneur I am well aware of the importance of a strong community. It is so valuable to have like-minded people around you to bounce ideas, get feedback, and who just ‘get it’. I love living in Saigon and a big reason is the incredible community of entrepreneurs that are here.  There’s never a[...]
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Top Qualities To Look For In A Winning VA


After much trial and error, I’ve found what I think is the winning combination of qualities that I am looking for in a VA. Some qualities you are able to filter through the contractor search function and and others you have to gauge by yourself through responses to your job posting. Either way, I’ve had some success[...]
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Staying Consistent When Everything Around You Isn’t


Running a business while traveling means everything around you is constantly changing. New apartments, languages, coffee shops, time zones and friend groups to name a few. Despite the constant change, in order to maintain this lifestyle one thing must remain constant: work. So, how does one stay focused and consistent when everything else is in[...]
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The Benefits of Uncertainty


  You know the feeling.. that pit in your stomach when you just aren’t sure how things are going to turn out. Maybe some part of your life is changing in a big and unknown way. Maybe some unexpected obstacle pops up that gets in the way of your grand plans. Maybe you realize that you[...]
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