The Benefits of Uncertainty

The Benefits of Uncertainty


You know the feeling.. that pit in your stomach when you just aren’t sure how things are going to turn out. Maybe some part of your life is changing in a big and unknown way. Maybe some unexpected obstacle pops up that gets in the way of your grand plans. Maybe you realize that you have just been thinking about things all wrong.

At some point, it hits you like a ton of bricks: I do not know how this is going to play out.

These types of realizations come to us for a variety of reasons and can be rather unpleasant. It can feel like your previously safe and stable world is coming crashing down. The anxiety can be paralyzing as you can’t seem to think about anything else.

While the uncertainty can absolutely be unsettling, it doesn’t have to be. For if you embrace it, these moments are prime for the most personal growth, opportunity and excitement.

So, without further adieu, the Benefits of Uncertainty.


1. Uncertainty Fosters Personal Growth


When you are forced out of your comfort zone, you have the most opportunity for personal growth and learning. It is in these situations that you must overcome in ways that you have not had to before and when you do, this turns into a greater sense of accomplishment and further self efficacy. Although at the time, you are unsure of how things will play out, inevitably you will figure it out and then will know how to handle similar situations in the future. So, don’t shy away from uncertainty. Dive into it and embrace the personal growth that follows.


2. Uncertainty Leads to New Opportunities


When things are uncertain, it forces you to explore options that you might not have been considering. You are forced to throw out ‘Plan A’ and see what ‘Plans B-Z’ have in store. This will lead you down previously unknown roads looking for new opportunites which will be there. Often, it is down these new paths where you discover the better opportunities lie. If you had not been thrown off your original route, you would have never had the need to explore new options and therefor would have never found them. When uncertainty throws you off your course, don’t fight to stand your ground. Allow yourself to be open to the new opportunities and possibilites that the world has in store.


3. Uncertainty is Exciting


Yes, uncertainty can be nerve raking, but it is that feeling where you don’t know how things will play out that leads to the most excitement. Think of the most exciting times in your life. Were they times that came and passed completely as planned?  Or, were they times when you were at the top of a roller coaster, teetering on the top about to drop, unsure of what would happened but determined to enjoy the ride? The roller coaster can be scary, but it is definitely not boring. Would you want to wake up every morning knowing for sure what the day will bring? Sure, that could be safe.. but what is the fun in that? Life is meant to be an adventure and adventures are exciting because they are uncertain.

You know how you hear successful people reminisce about their come up, or early days when they were bootstrapped and living day-to-day? The reason they think back so fondly to that time is because it was so exciting! Once they had achieved whatever level of success, the uncertainty factor decreased which in turn decreased the excitement. While the feeling of uncertainty can be uncomfortable, if it is looked at as a challenge to be overcome, that shift in mindset leads to excitement.


Embrace Uncertainty


The next time you get that pit in your stomach not knowing what the future may hold, stop a minute and embrace it. Acknowledge that feeling of uncertainty and realize that you are in the midst of an exciting new wrinkle in your story. Sure, you might not know how it will play out. But, one way or another you will learn from the experience. Don’t fight or be resistant to the potential shift in your path, dive in wholeheartedly and see where the rabbit hole takes you. It might be a bumpy ride, but you’ll be better for it.


What do you think? Agree, disagree? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.




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8 thoughts on “The Benefits of Uncertainty

  1. It’s nice to be reminded of this. Not many people realize that uncertainty is what makes things so exciting.

    1. Thanks for checking it out Alex! Our lifestyle comes with such a crazy amount of unknown and embracing it opposed to shying away makes for a much more pleasant ride.

  2. Very Nice Post, Nate!

    I totally agree. The fact is, we live in an uncertain world, so a sense of outward stability is more often than not an illusory one. Whether a home, job, relationship or something else, everything on earth is subject to unexpected changes, big or small.
    We have to hold fast to our centers and trust ourselves as we step into that great unknown. That’s where beauty is born. Yes there are many fears and wishes it were otherwise, but there is something else in us with open eyes and heart, just waiting to see what comes.

  3. Great Post Nate.

    We live in an uncertain world. Got to trust ourselves to step into it and smile at what comes.

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